At Digital Arts Designs, we don’t just design, we create.  We listen carefully to your visions and goals, learn what makes you successful and unique, and then build upon that.  We delve into your company and industry, studying the challenges, the intricacies, and how companies in your industry grow.  We learn about your competition, research what makes them competitive in your industry and how you can stand out above them.  In the end, we use this information to strategize, brand, design and generally blend together your perfect mix; a marketing blend that is uniquely you.

Similar to building a house, you can’t put the roof on until you lay the foundation and build the supporting structure.  I can’t tell you how many times we have had people ask us to “throw together a logo”, or “quickly build a website”.  While marketing may seem like an easy thing to put together, there is a process that needs to be followed to see the best ROI and best represent your company.  

Discovery: Meet. Listen. Learn.

We meet with you to discover more about you and what makes you unique.  We learn about your needs, visions, goals, clients, prospects, budget and overall company.

Strategy: Come up with a creative solution.

From our initial meeting we analyze that data, your competition, your marketing edge and offer you a unique strategy. At this phase we develop the proposal, timeline, budget and creative brief.   

Design: Our favorite stage!

We add life to your project with color and layout as we brainstorm, design, develop, create and solve to achieve you visions and goals and meet your prospects needs.  

Refine: A bit of tweaking to make it perfect.

After we wow you with the initial layouts, we welcome your input and do some tweaking to get it just right and meet your expectations.

Deliver:  We make it live!

Whether it’s your online materials, or your printed piece, you see it all in final design.

Cultivate: We believe in long term relationships with our clients.  

Long after your project is completed we are here to answer questions, or for your additional marketing needs.


I can’t tell you how many times we have asked a client “what is your budget” and the response has been “we don’t have one”, or, “we aren’t sure”.  One of the reasons that creative firms ask this question is so that we know what services we can offer you for the amount of money that you have available to spend.  Every business should have a slight idea of the minimum and maximum they can spend on their marketing budget each year, and marketing is definitely a critical piece of the business puzzle.  After all, without marketing (website, print materials, business cards, social media), how will people know you even exist, or what services or products you offer?

We are a creative firm that works best with businesses (large or small) that value marketing.  If you are looking for the cheapest solution, we are likely not the right fit for you.  If you are looking for a quick fix, we are likely not the right fit for you.  If you value marketing, want to be involved in the creative process and have a budget for your marketing needs, we are definitely the right fit for you.  Contact us today to learn more...