Be perceived as not only the “most professional” option in your industry, but the only option to handle your clients needs.

With BrandPlan you’ll get the roadmap you need for success. 

You’ll gain a fresh perspective and expert advice outlining the steps you need to take, how to navigate today’s complex marketing landscape, which avenues are the most efficient and effective for your business, and how to solve your current brand and marketing challenges.

With a professional cross-platform brand strategy, you’ll discover what digital and print marketing materials you need to have in order to look unified and professional, achieve credibility, and project high quality.

Support existing sales efforts and relationships, attract or develop new business leads and referrals, and save time and labor costs with a marketing machine that works for you 24/7.  You’ll learn how to have profitable clients coming your way and will achieve milestones in the growth of your business.

You’ll take your business to the next level by discovering proper positioning, messaging and professional identity materials that look amazing across all marketing platforms and speak to the needs of your your ideal prospect.

Stand out, not fit in, by raising awareness of the services you offer, and showing you are the expert —  the only option for your clients needs.  You’ll win more jobs because you’ll attract the right prospects, establish relationships and build rapport.

With a tactical 'BrandPlan' and strategic advice you’ll discover how your current brand is helping —  or hindering — you from attracting the right audience, igniting growth and increasing revenue.  

We’ll give you actionable items to help you position your company as the leader in your industry, stay at the forefront of your prospect’s mind and support your company for the long term.

When I formed my company, I needed numerous items that had a unified look and feel to show the professionalism of my business services. I felt this was an important investment and chose Chemene because she takes a personal interest in her projects. She spends the time necessary to ensure she understands her client’s business, target market, and any unique elements that serve as a competitive advantage. Her process allows clients to view their business from an external perspective, not something I could do on my own for certain! As a result, I feel great about my new brand and have grown my business!
— Stalker Forensics & Accounting

Ready to look professional, stand-out and gain a competitive edge?

Book your personalized BrandPlan now!  

Once we receive your response, we’ll reach out and find a mutually agreeable time to chat and see if we’re the right fit for your branding project.  We’ll discuss your business, your goals, your budget and your timeframe.  Don’t worry, it’s all confidential.  If we move forward we’ll sign a non-disclosure agreement with you to ease your mind.

Due to the depth of the discovery session, the research and the 30+ page comprehensive report you’ll receive, our schedule is limited on how many BrandPlan’s we can offer per month.  Currently, we only have 2 spots left.  

Don’t miss out!  Save yourself time and stress by booking today. Starting at  $1,399 for a small business.


BrandPlan is the most important foundation you'll ever have in improving your brand and growing your business.  

Here’s what you can expect:

We’ll move through a 4-step process where we help you (1) identify, (2) build, (3) review and (4) execute a plan tailored specifically for your business.  

Discovery Meeting:  (Step 1 - Identify)

In this kick off meeting we’ll spend up to 3 hours with the project lead and up to three (3) decision makers on your team.

  1. We’ll conduct a needs assessment, dig deep into your company, your competition, the challenges you’re experiencing, your target audience, your project parameters and more.

  2. You’ll get an opportunity to bounce ideas off of me, ask questions, and discuss any examples that you like, dislike, feel pertain and/or are important for me to see.

Detailed Research & Report: (Step 2 - Build)

I research, I review, I analyze, I propose!  Within 10-14 business days you’ll receive a 30+ page report that gives you actionable advice and includes the following:

  1. Research. You’ll gain a high level review of your audience (sample buyer personas), where your competitors are are at and where you need to be to effectively compete.

  2. Solutions. A handful of ideas that may not even be on your radar, but that will get you even closer to the finish line and achieving your goals. I’ll outline how you can best take advantage of modern digital and print marketing techniques given your budget and goals.

  3. Company Overview. A summary of the background, objectives, persuasive ideas, mission, vision, brand personality and more from an outside, expert perspective.

  4. Visuals. If applicable, I’ll insert visuals necessary to further outline what’s being discussed.

  5. Timeline. Your proposed project will be broken down into manageable chunks with a rough idea of how long the project will take.

  6. Value. General pricing that ensures the items in your full scale project align with your goals and produce the best return on your investment.

Report Review (Step 3 - Review)

We’ll spend 30-60 minutes reviewing the report and bridging the gap between the ideas you have and the project you need implemented.  You’ll gain clarity, confidence, insight and expertise into how the project will impact your business and how to move forward effectively with your project.

Have additional questions after the meeting? No worries!  You’ll receive one additional email correspondence with as many questions as you can ask!

Brand Execution (Step 4 - Execute)

While this is not part of the BrandPlan package, we are available to you to help you carry out each aspect of your plan with our next step 'BrandConstruct', helping you execute it in manageable phases as recommended in the report. Ask us for more details!

As a new business owner, I had so many fears and items on my list that needed to get accomplished, it was overwhelming. I knew that marketing my business was going to be critical to my success. This is where Chemene separates herself from the competition. She sat down with me and really took the time to understand my business goals, and where I wanted to be in the future. We spent hours talking about important facts that would help shape my positioning and the marketing plan for my business. Chemene listened and really heard what I was saying, setting expectations upfront so I knew exactly what I was getting….My business is off to a very quick and hugely successful start, with more leads coming in than I could have imagined. I couldn’t have done it without Chemene.
— Invision Staging & Design

Gain clarity and insight, define high level goals and outline a clear path to achieve those goals. 

Below are just a few more of the great benefits you’ll receive with BrandPlan:

  • We get to know each other on a professional level and you get to see what it’s like to work with me before committing to a full scale, expensive branding project. This comes at a much lower price tag and risk to you than the full blown branding project investment.

  • I begin to understand your business and what the stakes are for the project’s success or potential failure.

  • I’ll make sure that this project is really what you need, will produce the right ROI and that there aren't more efficient or effective ways to achieve your goals

  • You’ll have a path to achieving your goals that is competitive, will attract the right audience and ignite your growth.

  • You’ll have a plan of action, know where to start and know what you need.

  • A portable, and very detailed report that outlines everything I’ve discussed above, giving you a high level starting point which will save you time and money in the long run.

Even a single useful insight might easily save you thousands of dollars, and countless hours of headaches down the road. You’ll have the strategic clarity you need to move forward with confidence, and be armed with everything you need to make the right investment decisions for branding your business.

Are you ready to have an actionable, custom-built report that helps you achieve a professional brand, outline your goals and grow your business?  

I’ve helped dozens of companies achieve a stand-out professional brand, navigate today’s complex marketing landscape, attract the right audience, gain leads and increase sales with BrandPlan. 

While many consultants/agencies at my level charge thousands for this type of service, I run my business with smaller margins and pass the savings onto you.  For everything outlined above, this report starts at $1,500 for a small business. 

That's a steal considering the endless hours that go into producing this report and the high level amount of valuable information you will receive.

Book your comprehensive review and report today.

Fill out the initial questionnaire to get started.  Then I’ll contact you to book a date that’s convenient for you for the Discovery meeting.  Within 2-3 weeks you’ll receive your comprehensive review and report and we’ll discuss your next steps.




I’m here for you!  Email me and I’ll get back to you, or read our quick Q&A below.  Thanks for your time.

Q: Who will need to be involved in the BrandPlan Discovery Session?

A: Anyone in your company who will be involved in the full blown re-branding process (company owner and 3 additional employees).

Q: We’re successful, getting business and doing well, so we really just need the 'marketing materials' designed to help us be consistent and look professional.

A: There are a variety of freelancers or agencies out there who can design a logo, a business card, a website and all the other things you think you may need (including me).  However, without an understanding of your audience and their needs, your industry landscape, an analysis of your competitors, or your current marketing activities or messaging these freelancers or agencies are simply guessing, making assumptions and shooting in the dark that they are designing what you really need.

Q: Is a BrandPlan right for me?

A:  If you’ve done research and called various marketing freelancers or agencies, you’ll quickly realize that the pricing for branding and marketing services ranges vastly and they all are likely telling you different stuff you need.   You’re likely confused, overwhelmed, frustrated and don’t know who the right freelancer or agency is and what you really need. Problem is, that most freelancers or agencies give you canned boilerplate proposals based on assumptions.  While they may ask you some simple questions, most don’t really evaluate the value your project will bring to your company, nor your audience's true needs.  BrandPlan helps you avoid this confusion with a comprehensive evaluation saving you big problems down the road including wasting the money you just invested in a full scale branding project, or major project change orders and increased expenses as scope and expectations evolve or change.  BrandPlan avoids these costly mistakes for you and helps you avoid them by evaluating all items needed, risk assessments and priorities.