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That's right!  SUCCESS!  We know it sounds cliché, but after racking our brains we couldn't find a more simple way to say it.  Your success is our ultimate goal.  Our happiest days are when we hear our clients express their gratitude and tell us about the difference we've made.


A Little About Us

Today’s business world is complex and costly, and advertising is a huge investment in both time and money.  With so many avenues to market yourself and so much competition in choosing a marketing company, we understand it is imperative that you are represented in the best possible way.  At Digital Arts Designs our ultimate goal is to provide you with appealing marketing materials that achieve the highest possible return on your investment.  When you work with us you will know our commitment to you, and the importance that you have to us, because we will assist you with every detail.  In addition, long after your project is completed, we will be available to you to answer your questions, do small or large updates, and overall to make sure that your are still completely satisfied.

True style should always reflect a custom fit, so call us today to turn your company’s visions into reality.


Founded in 2002, Digital Arts Designs has grown into a comprehensive design company that offers several marketing solutions for your small to medium business, non-profit or event.  Our main goal is to offer our clients the full resources and commitment that they need in a marketing partner.  We are meticulous and diligent with every project that we take on, and end each project with the same amount of zeal as when we began.  We implement a unique combination of experience, vision and excitement in getting your marketing projects completed on time and on budget.  We are your unique virtual team with a variety of expertise depending on your unique needs.  So, whether it's graphic design, social media, website development, or something else you are looking for, you can rest assured that you are in good hands with a strategic marketing partner at your side.

Owner, Creative Director


Graphic Designer, strategist, brand enthusiast, creative director, owner, customer, soccer mom.  Yes you read it right.  I do work hard, but I’m not all work and no play!  I'm a happy soccer mom…minus the two amazing boys.

When not busy managing your marketing projects, I can be found on the soccer field with my boys, the ski slopes with my family, on the lake on a wakeboard catching some air, in the gym kickboxing, or soaking in the rays in a tropical place with my hubby.

With a background in IT and a flair for design and marketing, it only seemed natural to infuse the two.  Want to know a little bit more about me?  Here goes...

  • Sassy flair
  • Creative spirit
  • Like fun cocktails (and wine)...but the more colorful, the better!
  • Self taught designer and marketer
  • Spunky personality
  • A menu of design books and a passion for research
  • Penchant for hard work…sweat equity= rewarding success
  • I sing loudly in the car and laugh A LOT with husband and kids
  • I observe, I listen and I think, but everyone sees things differently and I love to collaborate and get others points of view
  • Strong project management skills
  • Design professional
  • Strategic thinker
  • Very organized
  • My biggest pet peeve: I hate when people don’t deliver what they say they will, or do what they say they are going to do

I'd love to learn more about you.  Let's work together!

Cortni Brown, Designer


Graphic Designer, proud Aunt, movie fanatic, and sports enthusiast. Family and fun are at the core of my life and keep me motivated to do what I do!

Approximately four years ago I was introduced to design and I quickly found I loved being creative. Luckily, I was still in school and had the opportunity to enroll in some design courses. I enjoy learning new things and taking on new challenges, and playing in the Design world has offered me the opportunity to learn about something I enjoy and want to pursue. I feel fortunate to have been introduced to it early on so I have a greater opportunity to grow, learn and conquer new challenges with my ideas.

When I am not in the office working on the newest design project, you can find me doing something fun with my family. From running around playing with my niece, or a relaxing movie night with some popcorn, my family is a big part of my life. I also love being active and playing sports such as soccer, rugby and doing yoga. 

I am a very easy person to get to know and love meeting new people. You could say I'm a fun loving, hard working person who can always bring a positive energy to the table. I look forward to being a part of your next project!

Your Personal Team

From designers, to copywriters to developers and more, we work and collaborate with leading and proven professionals in our industry that fit your project's specific budget and needs. With over 12 years of working in the industry, we've formed strategic partnerships and have grown our network of talented individuals that will make up your personal team.  After we analyze what you are looking for, we turn to our vast array of professional partners and present you with your custom team. You can rest assured that you will work with and have direct contact to the owner at all times but have a team of professionals, hard at work that fit your needs.  They are great at what they do, hold the same high standards and aim to provide a finished product that you will rave about to your friends and colleagues.

Other than than the large conference room and a lot of overhead, it's no different than a traditional agency.  You'll get great service, great results and enjoy the process of being a part of your marketing team. We like it this way because it allows us the flexibility to work closely with you, and quickly adapt and expand our team as necessary.

Our Collaboration With You.

Marketing projects should not be a painful process.  It should be fun to discuss your visions, exciting to cultivate them, and rewarding to see them come to life.  We love our clients and look forward to hearing your vision and having you as a part of our team!

  • We're always available: Speedy responses are essential to success.  We expect it from our vendors and our clients, and provide the same in return.
  • Personal touch: Our clients and the best way to serve them is always at the forefront of our mind. Having multiple project leads can get confusing and cause things to get lost in the process.  You'll always have direct contact to the owner, the creative director...your project visionary.
  • We stay in close contact every step of the way: You'll always know what step we are at in the process and what to expect next, as well as anything that may be needed from you through our thorough follow up.
  • Many minds make great success: Collaboration with our clients and our network of professionals is an important key to success.  

The Right Fit

There are hundreds of marketing firms throughout the country that provide a variety of services and a unique fit for a vast array of businesses.  Our direct and fun approach may not suit everyone; and not everyone suits us either.  However, if you’re ready to elevate your marketing and hold the same values below that we do, we look forward to hearing from you!

  • Idealistic. You have a vision and so do we, together we can work towards the perfect solution.
  • Organized. We are proactive and plan ahead to achieve success and avoid un-needed stress.
  • Definitive. You make decisions quickly and confidently in working towards a final solution.
  • Honest. You expect us to provide you with reliable solutions and honest answers, and we expect the same.
  • Reliable. Your committed, you do what you've agreed to do and you finish strong. We promptly respond to emails and are readily available for meetings and conference calls.  We value your time and expect the same in return.
  • Trustworthy. You're good at what you do, and respect that we're good at what we do. You're looking for guidance and consulting—not a company to take your order.  If we don't feel your request is in your best interest for the long term, we'll tell you candidly and work with you to come up with a feasible solution.
  • Relationship-driven. You work hard to build strong, ongoing relationships with trusted partners and so do we.  We want your business now and in the future. And if we see you in the grocery store or on a far away beach, a smile an hug is the best greeting!